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Custom Healing Painting

Custom Chanelled Painting

  • 20 min
  • From 150 US dollars
  • Arcana Apothecary|Scheduled Phone/Zoom Call

Service Description

My custom-made channeled paintings are crafted with a profound intention to channel healing energies through the fusion of art and spiritual resonance. Each piece is infused with the transformative power of sacred geometry and channeled light language. Each custom piece is an individualized creation, intuitively channeled and tailored to resonate with the specific energies and intentions of the recipient. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of sacred symbols and geometry, these paintings serve as portals to higher frequencies, resonating with the universal energies that promote balance, healing, and spiritual alignment and activation. The incorporation of channeled light language adds an ethereal dimension to the artwork, communicating on a soul level and inviting the viewer into a space of profound energetic resonance. This unique language carries healing vibrations and messages from higher realms, offering a transcendent experience to those who engage with the art. They are powerful tools for meditation, contemplation, and energy attunement, fostering a sense of inner peace and spiritual growth. Standard size - 18x24. (other sizes may be available upon request, which would impact the overall cost.) Book an appointment, stating if you would prefer an in-person meeting, phone, or Zoom to discuss your needs, and I will channel your custom painting to help you meet your goals that you can pick up at the store when ready. Appointment over the phone: Angela will call the provided phone number at the scheduled appointment time. If there is no answer, or call back in a reasonable time frame it will be considered a "no-show" or "late to arrive", and will come out of the allotted appointment time. Appointment over Zoom: You will be emailed a link to the provided email address. Failer to join the meeting on time will be considered a "no-show" or "late to arrive", and will come out of the allotted appointment time.

Contact Details

  • Arcana Apothecary, 619 2nd Street, Hudson, WI, USA

  • 619 2nd St, Hudson, WI, USA

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