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The Little Book of Light Codes is a healing and awakening tool, designed to move you through specific energies in an order which offers the greatest potential for expansion and integration. It is much more than another spiritual book. Simply having this little gem in your space is holding beautiful space for your unique growth and life path.

Inside you’ll discover a progressive series of 52 channeled high vibrational Light Codes and their accompanying messages offered by Spirit. These powerful Light Codes are similar to Reiki symbols, and offer healing and awakening on a wide range of topics (scroll down to see samples).

Each image will resonate with a difficult issue in your life at any given moment. You may find yourself drawn to a particular light language one day, and feel resistance to it the next, depending upon what energies, stressors, or triggers you are working with in your life. As you work with the messages, wisdom, and frequencies expressed by each symbol, your process will be as personalized and as deep as you choose. The energy frequency each symbol emits and the information they offer is infinite. Simply by looking at a symbol, you will gain the knowledge your soul is seeking in order to perfect itself and reflect Divine Love.

Jackie “Laara” Herod, Tigress of the Light, is a graduate of the Healing Light Center Church’s Crucible Program (over 5 years of training), having earned degrees in Master of Healing Arts and Master of Natural Theology in Sacred Healing. She’s an author, speaker, healer, and developer of Fractalline Healing™.

The Light Codes found in The Little Book of Light Codes always work for your highest good, and offer diverse healing and awakening potential. Some of the benefits include:


  • Increase the flow of higher vibrational energy throughout your body
  • Develop the mindset to attract your best life
  • A roadmap for awakening and raising your vibration
  • Assistance in connecting with Spirit, Higher Self, and Soul
  • Release lower vibrational energies and negativity
  • Healing for challenging energies such as relationships and emotional triggers
  • Activate healing on all levels of the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies


The time has come to take back your personal power with the strength and Love you hold within your Heart. Turn to any random page and you’ll be reminded of the innate and infinite Love, Wisdom, and Light that you hold within yourself.

The Little Book of Light Codes: Healing Symbols for Life Transformation

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