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Popular Bath And Oil Blends Include:

Goddess Blend    -    Beauty, Power, Allure, New love, Self love 

Chakra Support Blend    -    Aura cleansing, Chakra balancing

Mother Moon Blend    -    Hormonal health, balance and support   

Restorative Blend    -    Stress,  Anxiety, Sleep, Relaxation

Purification Blend    -    Purification, Detox, Illness  

UpLifting Blend    -    Low energy, Fatigue, Depression 

Black Magic Protection Blend    -    Energy protection, Aura shielding 

Caribbean Moon Blend    -    Connect with the moon, tides, and the  cycles of life   

Bath Spell

  • Best if used within 6 months of purchase. Always ask your doctor before using a new product if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition. All Arcana Apothecary products are to be used as a tool in helping you to manifest your own desires. We make no medical claims and can in no way guarantee or assure a specific outcome.

  • Sea salt and/or powdered whle milk, Fractionated coconut oil, 100% Natural plant sourced fragrance, Dried herbs/flowers, Assorted crystals

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